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Why Buy a Left Hand Drive Car?

Let's face it . Buying a Left Hand Drive car for regular use in the UK is like deciding to go on holiday to Luxembourg. The thought of it doesn't really appeal, but when you get there it might not be so bad. In fact, it isn't so bad. Essentially, you are getting the same product, with all the same refinements, but with one small difference. The steering wheel is on the left. 

Well, it's no big deal, really. Some people discount considering a Left Hand Drive car, point blank because it's too inconvenient. So why is it inconvenient? Mainly because you may not have driven one and you don't have time to learn. You are not susceptible to change. Because you'd get laughed at? Because you'll keep getting in the wrong side of the car at the golf course and your buddies at the golf club will laugh uncontrollably at you for buying a car with the steering wheel on the wrong side? Unconventional is fun. Unconventional is weird but fun. 

Muse over this scenario. How many middle aged men do you know who have kids that are 18-21 and have left for university? Just look around on the road for them. They are the ones driving new to three year old Subaru Imprezas. It's true! Their reasoning behind buying them is "The kids have gone off to Uni, so I fancied something sporty." So they choose a reliable (Japanese), practical (4 door saloon), economical (2.0 Engine), with a bit of go in it (Turbo charged with a dump valve that makes the whooshing noise every time they press the clutch so that 18 year old guys look at them and say "oh that is so cool.")

In reality, it's not very cool. It's a reliable, practical, Japanese, 4 door saloon that Colin McRae once won a rally in. And 18 year olds drool over them instead of picking up a copy of Hugh Heffner's regular publication, like 18 year olds of our generation did. I bet, that if truth be told, they would turn to you and say "I wanted a Porsche, but the wife wouldn't let me, besides that I can't afford one." What does 'the wife' know anyway, she wants a Peugeot 206 coupé cabriolet.

Competitively Priced LHD Cars

In that respect, with a bank account positively bulging with £45,000, a Subaru and a Peugeot doesn't look like a lot for that sort of money. Besides that, in three years time, you'll see it dwindle from £45,000 to £17,500 if you're lucky. That's a loss of £28,500. In three years! So, why did Mr. Mid-life-crisis not buy the Porsche he wanted? Because it boiled down to money. So if I said to you, would you prefer a Porsche or a Subaru, I think I know the answer. I'm not promising you the exact car you want for £45,000, however, I can offer you, for instance, a Porsche 997 Carrera Cabriolet with 8500 miles on the clock for £52,000. The only thing is, it has the steering wheel on the 'wrong side'.

Let me put it in perspective for you. The equivalent car, with the steering wheel on the 'correct side' will set you back a whopping £73,000. Now, wouldn't you enjoy driving unconventionally, safe in the knowledge that you have saved nearly £20,000??

It all sounds very good, but you're not convinced? We're not out to change the UK, that's impossible. We're just merely pointing out that the cars that you thought were out of your reach, are really not. In fact, driving in the passenger seat is actually more rewarding than you may perceive. Taking Porsche as an example, they are a German manufacturer, therefore, their cars are built in Left Hand Drive format, therefore, their cars are designed as Left Hand Drive. The right hand drive cars, are actually converted especially for RHD nations, like the UK. In addition, on the Left Hand Drive car, the pedals are not offset at different lineage to the steering wheel and you get a better response from the brakes and clutch.

Besides all that, it is quite amusing to drive a Left Hand Drive car in the UK. You'll be amazed at how many times you look at the top left corner of the windscreen thinking you're looking in the rear view mirror. Or put your hand in the left door pocket when you want to change gear. There are a whole host of habits you need to lose, like getting into the driver's door and wonder who's stolen your steering wheel! Just make sure you don't do it in front of your friends or you won't hear the end of it!

Have you ever seen litter pickers with a long metal pole with a trigger on the handle and a 'grabber' on the other end? One of these is a must if you use car parks where you have to take a ticket. Or if you use the drive through fast food restaurants, I find a polystyrene cup gripped in the grabber makes a good money holder when using the drive through.

LHD cars can also help you lose one of the most annoying habits drivers get into. Tailgating. If you want to overtake driving a Left Hand Drive car, you have to either have x-ray vision, or hang back from slow-coach in front. Now that can't be a bad thing, can it? Why not consider a Left Hand Drive car? They are fun, make for a better driving experience and bring out of reach cars within your grasp.

Whether you require a LHD car for use in the UK or on the Continent, we are happy to show the selection of cars we have available to us. Please click the 'Stock' link below to view our selection.
LHD Cars - questions and answers
LHD Cars - Stocklist


We source our left hand drive cars through dealers with only the best reputations. Our business is very important to us and we take sourcing cars very seriously. We only supply vehicles of the highest quality to ensure they arrive with you in a condition that we would expect.

Why are our prices so competitive?

We work hard to negotiate the most competitive prices from our dealers and associates whom we have dealt with personally for a number of years. Only when we are comfortable with the service and dedication of the dealer, we agree to do business.

We strive to supply the exact vehicle you require, execute all the paperwork and arrange the logistics of getting the car to you, or getting you to the car. In some cases, you are able to collect the car yourself, if you would like to take advantage of a short break. In which case, we would be pleased to make arrangements for you to do this.

We never profess to supply you the cheapest car. We promise to provide the best service we can, obtain the finest cars, and strive to make your buying process a pleasure.

Although we are in business to make a profit, we're not going to hide that fact, although out profit margin is very low, allowing you to buy your new car, benefit from our knowledge, expertise and experience, at the best possible price.


If you would like us to deliver your vehicle to your home or office, we are able to arrange this for you, however, due to our customers differing requirements, we do not include delivery within the vehicle price.

We shall be pleased to arrange delivery for you, of course at an extra cost to you, the customer.

If you would rather combine the collection of your vehicle from European destinations only, you may like to click the link below for flight details. Please do be aware, it is possible that you may have to be patient once you get the car back to the UK until the car is registered with the DVLA. Processing the documentation normally takes upto 5 days.

To search for flights onto the continent, please click the link below to be directed to the Expedia website.

Last minute travel deals

Registration Procedure

Most of our cars are supplied with a COC, certificate of conformity. This form is a requirement to register your LHD car in the UK. If the car doesn't come with the COC, it will need and SVA test. This basically is like an MOT, just to make certain your car follows the rules of the road in the UK.

To register the car, we need documentation from you. Either your driving license or passport and two utility bills dated within three months of registration. All the other documents we need to submit are supplied with the car. The registration takes approximately 5 working days to complete, so you are legal to drive your new car.

If you have a cherished number or personalized number plate, we are happy to handle the transfer of this onto your new car. There is a different procedure for this, and as long as we have the retention certificate, for the number, we are able to carry out the procedure for you. The DVLA stipulate that cherished transfers normally take 10 working days or more to do cherished transfers. So a lot of patience is needed.

Our advice is, that we register the car in the regular way first, so you are able to drive the car legally during the time the cherished transfer is carried out, allowing you to drive your car legally during the 10 days it takes to transfer the cherished number.

And Finally..

Thank you for taking the time to read this informative page on the joys of buying and living with a Left Hand Drive car. If you have a burning desire to let me know I have made a spelling mistake, or ask a question, or let me know that I have converted you to considering a Left Hand Drive car, then you are most welcome to do so using the link below:

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LHD Cars - questions and answers
LHD Cars - Stocklist
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